Large and Diverse base of Commercial Clients

ESSL has developed a very diverse commercial customer base through the years because we have  a superior product, are sensitive to meeting/exceeding project deadlines, and achieve the required geotechnical results .

Regardless of size, all projects and customers are important to us.

Our Exclusive product, EcSS 3000® works.

This is proven through 200 million square feet of injection without a failure to date. We have invested over one and a half million dollars in scientific studies and soil tests at Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State University to make sure our product is exactly what you need to combat clay soil. The studies show that EcSS 3000® not only reduces the negative charge of the clay particle, but actually changes it’s molecular structure. That change to the molecular structure is irreversible. If you aren’t familiar with our product, we hope you will take the time to either watch our full 9 minute DVD, or at the very least the short clips attached to attain a better understanding of how our product works.

Over 45 years in the business

Our owner has been in the foundation and soil stabilization business for 45 years.
ESSL employees are all committed to achieving desired results in the allotted timeframe in
a safe, professional and congenial manner. Our commercial clients know they can count on us
to be on site when we say we will be there, get the job done for them smoothly and efficiently
and get out of their way so they can stay on schedule.

All projects, whether large, or small are important to us

We work diligently to achieve the desired results

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We understand the time constraints and deadline pressures everyone is under when working on commercial projects and we take pride in meeting or exceeding those timelines. We get calls for new construction sites, remedial work needed on existing sites, as well as interior work with

industrial and retail businesses that are experiencing foundation issues. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to assist you. Please give us a call for your free estimate, or to find out more information. We would love to hear from you!

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